Gig write up: Berlin, 5th April 2018

The Goatador writes of the show at the Impro Embassy at the Ratibor theatre, Berlin, Germany5th April 2018.

Sean and Alan in Berlin

After The Chaucer Procedure, the telling of a tale of a Swedish refugee horseman’s arrival in Berlin with his family took place. The Tragedy of King Wenceslas of Norway was played out, featuring the live mixing of a cocktail to accompany a bawdy scene and the majestic victory of the Amazon Queen Hippolyta.

The play tuned in to the 19th Century’s echoes of unrest among the German speaking communities of Schleswig Holstein and their conflict with the young of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. It became clear that a pan-Scandinavian treaty was necessary to quell the threat of the mighty Prussian Empire.

Swedish women were migrating toward Germany at an alarming rate almost suggesting an ABBA themed climax.

But a Swiss mercenary, diverted and converted in his affections by a refugee Swedish horseman, ushered in a transgendering magic of Ovidian character which banished division and ushered in harmony. This found expression in a sensitive boys by brook or stream event.

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